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Useful Tools for HTML and FTP

HTML Editors and Validators:

  • TUCOWS is a good place to look for HTML editors, programs rated Five Cows are the best. You can find programs for both Windows and Macs there.
  • You can download Mozilla, it's a free browser with email and an html editor. (Windows, Mac and other operating systems)
  • I also recommend Frontpage Express, a decent wysiwyg (What You See Is What You Get) editor. (Windows only)
  • I do NOT recommend using Microsoft Word to create websites, it bloats html code terribly, making files several times larger than necessary which will eat up your webspace quickly.
  • To learn to write HTML code yourself (it's really not that hard! :)), visit Lissa Explains and please don't be put off just because it says it's for kids, it's really quite intelligent and it's a great way to learn the basics and get started on creating your own webpage. Even if you use a wysiwyg editor, it's really helpful to understand how it works, makes it easier to fix problems when the page doesn't display like you want it to.
  • NoteTab is a text editor for html, it has lots of helpful shortcuts and it helps you learn HTML code rather than depending on a wysiwyg editor. Notetab has several versions, a free Lite version, an inexpensive Standard version and a feature-rich Pro version.
  • To find errors on your webpages, use an html validator like CSE HTML Validator, download the free lite version or try the free online validation below to check your webpages one at a time.

Check your document online with CSE HTML Validator Lite


FTP Programs:

  • FileZilla is the best ftp program out there, imho. It's fast, easy to setup and start using and best of all, it's free! And it's available for both Windows, Mac and even Linux (scroll down to the full list of releases).
  • WS_FTP Limited Edition is another good ftp program and it's also free. (Windows only, check out TUCOWS for more FTP software for Macs or Linux)
  • And there's a pretty good tutorial at Roxy's Renditions if you need help learning how to use it.

Link Checker:

  • Xenu Link Checker (free), you can test your website, locally on your hard drive or on your live website. (Windows only)

Other Resources:

  • The Fanfic Webdesign List, a help list for authors who maintain their own websites and archivists of smaller and/or specialized archives. Check out the list archives at eScribe. There's a search function so you can look for specific topics or join the list and post your questions. (Please note that the list is NOT a general HTML help list, it's only for authors or archivists who maintain websites for fanfiction.)
  • And if you have a website or mailing list here at Populli.net, you're welcome to join the Populli Help list.
  • For more info about email lists, check out the FAQs About Email Lists.


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