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I freely admit that I stole this idea from Gunbunny! She set up the fabulous Hive Intelligence, links to indexes of websites. My version is a little different, all you need is:

  1. I've got a rotating button javascript now so your button will be seen on the home page of DitB.net/org, Populli.net/org and on various other affiliated websites that I own or maintain so lots more people will see your button and visit your website.
  2. At least one website, a finished one, no "under construction" signs! IT MUST BE A FAN RELATED SITE ONLY, A PERSONAL SITE OF A FAN, A FAN BLOG OR LIVE JOURNAL, A FAN CHARITY, FAN CONVENTION, ETC., NO COMMERCIAL SITES, NO GENERAL CHARITY SITES accepted. Sorry to shout about this but I get the stupidest people trying to submit pyramid scam sites or general charity sites here and this links collective is ONLY FOR FAN-RELATED SITES, I check out every site, I don't promote spammers or scammers. BOTH GEN AND ADULT FAN SITES ARE WELCOME. I run a variety of sites myself, both slash and gen and everything in between.
  3. A button, a 100 x 35 pixel graphic to represent your website. If you don't have a button, put "need button" in the url box for the button and I'll take a look at your website and create a button for you.
  4. Fill out the form to submit your site to the [collective].
  5. Add the [collective] button to your website.
  6. If you've got more than one website, you can submit each one and if you've got an index site, linking them all together, you can submit that, too. Please put the [collective] button on each site submitted.
  7. Don't steal other people's websites! Any site found plagiarizing other websites will be removed immediately.
  8. If you move your website, *please* contact me, I'd love to be omniscient but the upgrade is backordered right now.

alice ttlg, [collective] crew chief

The [collective] is not responsible or liable for the content of any websites linked from this site. Some links may lead to websites that contain adult content, text and/or images.

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